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“Realize your full potential as a corporate leader, a sales professional or a startup founder through coaching & mentoring with psychology".

Why Work With us?

We have 15 years+ of experience in helping corporates, governments and academia in discovering talented individuals and developing them to reach their maximum potentials, transforming lives and business. 

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4. Organizational Psychology

About our founder: 

Ivan Yong Wei Kit

I am an engineer, organizational psychologist, coach and author.  

My ESG Commitments

I have successfully made several transitions in my career path thus I understand your needs in your search for purpose and a meaningful career.

I started my career as a Pharmaceutical Engineer, leading a team to producing life-saving asthma drugs, transiting to several successful sales role building multimillion businesses, and finally to an organizational psychologist and entrepreneur. 

In 2023, I was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation at the UNITAR International University, Malaysia.


Founding Council Member, European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Asia Pacific

Head of Global Social Responsibility Initiatives, EMCC Global

Official Mentor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong for 9 years.

Organizational Psychologist for CareER Hong Kong (peer support platform for higher educated persons with disabilities and SEN


“Department of Startup. Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One” by BEP, New York  2019

“The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook. A Guide to Developing Ethical Maturity in Practice”,Routledge 2022

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Years Experience



Wesley Chan

Cathay Pacific Pilot | Safety & Human Factors Researcher

I had the privilege to attend the Life Reinvention workshop presented by Ivan on Zoom in early 2021. The content was extremely relevant for professionals considering either a career change, or at stages in their career where they can benefit from a timely, strategic “pivot”.

What made Ivan’s session different was his ability to put theory into practical advice. As an attendee considering entrepreneurship the real world applicability of Ivan’s presentation was much valued. Thanks Ivan!


Hugo Leung

Mr. Ivan, who is a mentor of mine, advised me during the stage when I was struggling with marketing and sales for my start-up.

He said, "Actions speak louder than words when it comes to sales and everything."

And it worked!


Mohd Hezri Amir Abd Latiff

UniVRse Interactive Sdn Bhd

Ivan truly knows how to mentor. He is very patient, professional and genuinely want to see his mentee become successful. his advice has been monumental in my startup progress.

He always gives positive vibes and whenever I feel nervous, like going for pitch or meeting investors, his advice is very simple yet powerful: "Just be yourself" 

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