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Why Work With us?

We have 15 years+ of experience in helping corporates, governments and academia in discovering talented individuals in reaching their maximum potentials; transforming lives and business. 

1. Career Coaching 

currently at a cross road in your career, going through a tough time at work

trying to find your purpose and your vision for yourself

demotivated at your professional career

feeling stagnant professionally

a millennial stepping up into leadership position

Do speak to me if you are,

I am here to help you find your personal wins and you will find your how.


having trouble building a pipeline

Do speak to me if you are;

having trouble winning new clients (closing accounts)

finding it difficult to sell a complex solution with multiple decision makers.

having trouble building trust with your prospects?

finding it difficult to bridge cultural gaps in international markets.

Sales is for everyone and everyone has in themselves the innate ability to sell.

3. Startup Mentoring 

struggling to build a revenue or business model

at a “pivot” stage and is unclear on how or where to pivot

attempting to enter an oversea market

looking to collaborate with a corporate innovators in open innovation

having trouble forming a founding team.

Do speak to me if you are;

You are the master of your destiny. Change the world today with your startup.

4. Organizational Psychology

Discovering talents and reaching maximum potentials through behavioural science. 

10 years+ experience in helping MNCs select & recruit talents with the use of psychometric tools

Accredited user of SHL OPQ32, Saville Wave by Willis Towers Watson, PDA, VIA Strengths.


Business Meeting
In a Meeting

Organizational Culture of Innovation


Helping large organizations thrive in today’s disruptive world through innovation by initiating a cultural change towards adopting “startups’ disruptive and innovative culture.

Our approach includes;

1)  Keynote Speech / Speaking Engagement

2)  Workshop  / Training Intervention

3) Coaching / Mentoring

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